CV - Zhang Haotian

Introduction of Haotian Zhang


Bachelor degree of Science, major in geographic informaion science

Graduated from East China Normal University, in Shanghai, China.

GPA 3.3/4

IELTS S 5.5 L 6 R 7 W 6

Study Experience

I studied Geographic Information Science in East China Normal University from 2014 to 2018. In that period, I also spent a summer to take a taste of different kind of teaching of the same majority courses outside China, in University of Twente, Neatherland. At the end of the four year, I spend a whole winter in University of Alberta, Canada.

Study Area

  1. Software designer and Front-end engineer (Working now)
    Especially, I love to do some projects to explore Internet. From infrastructions like server, linux os, bash command… then to comparative areas close to my major, such as webgis projects, digital map and online map, finally projects and codes management, a skillful git user and owner of several co-working projects.
  1. Catorgraphy
    I love geography since I started to draw maps and also I won a price of environmental map in Sichuan Province Division when I was still in my secondary school.

My paper of my bachelor degree was considering visualization of spatial and temporal data of typhoon by webgis, in online map. Finally I came up with an experience method (经验论) through previous researchs (?) and built up a website to present the map and the user interface.

  1. Data lover
    I did a project about crime map and data mining from my second year of university to my third year together with one of my friends.

Research promotion

In future year, I would like to spend more time to learn more knowledge about computing science and also basement of computing. As a basement skill, I am learning deep learning and other methods aiming at artificial intelligience.